Colors and compounds for high temperature polymers

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We supply colorant and additive concentrates and compounds for high temperature polymers particularly for fluoropolymers, dispersed pigments for coloring PTFE as well as a full range of printing, striping and marking inks.

Color Concentrates

We offer color and additive concentrates in various pigment strengths and in different viscosities of carrier resins to suit the manufacturing process

Speciality Compounds

We offer a wide variety specialty compounds based on fluoropolymers and high temperature polymer featuring improved properties

Dispersed Pigments

We offer a full line of dispersed pigments for PTFE paste extrusion and also Low Noise Dispersion (LND) coatings for PTFE and FEP.

Printing and Striping Inks

We provide inks used for striping and offset printing of Fluoropolymer insulation. Other special inks are available for printing and striping of different materials such as PEEK and Polyimide as well as other engineering resins.

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